Bitfusion Tech Preview

One of the most impressive bits of technology that was announced at VMworld last year was the Bitfusion Tech Preview.

It seems that AI and ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) are being talked about more and more these days and along with these new technologies comes new challenges. New GPUs needed to run these new workloads are required but they are not particularly cheap especially when installed in all the hosts where you want your workloads to run.

So essentially, Bitfusion allows GPUs on dedicated hosts to be dynamically assigned to VMs / Containers as and when needed and then removed after they are no longer required. This reminds me so much of how virtualisation solved the problem of inefficient hardware utilisation when ESX was introduced all those years ago. 

Anyway here is a really great explanation about what the problem is and how Bitfusion will solve it here...

With an in depth explanation of the architecture here...

And then a demo here...

All in all, an incredible technology and definitely one to look out for.


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